restaurant clients

ABC Studios
American Museum of Natural
Architect of the Capitol
Au Bon Pain
Back Bay Brewing Co.
Boloco Inspired Burritos
The Boston Beer Company
Boston Children’s Museum
Boston College
Boston Museum of Science
Boyo Natural Frozen Yogurt
Brooklyn Museum
Cleveland Museum of Art
Compass Group
Concessions International, LLC
Creative Host Services
Daka International, Inc.
Ernst & Young
Food Brand, Inc.
The Franklin Institute
Harpoon Brewery
Harvard Business School
Harvard Law School
Harvard Medical School
Hirshhorn Museum & Sculpture
HMS Host
John Harvard’s Brew House
Legal Seafood
The Lyons Group
The Maiden
MGM Mirage Design Group
Mills Group
Mövenpick Group
Museum of Fine Arts Boston
National Aquarium
The New York Philharmonic
New York Stock Exchange
Patina Restaurant Group
Paul Licari
Peet's Coffee & Tea
Philadelphia Museum of Art
Pizzeria Uno
Restaurant Associates
Ropes & Gray
RUKA Restobar
Salem State University
Schlow and myers
Smithsonian Institution
SSP International
Starwood Hotels & Resorts
Suffolk University
Time Inc.
Todd English Enterprises
University of Massachusetts
Hampshire Dining Commons
(Amherst Campus)
University of Massachusetts
McGauvran Center
(Lowell Campus)
University of Massachusetts
University Commons
(Lowell Campus)
Virgin Atlantic Airways
Washington & Lee University
Woodruff Arts Center

A memorable dining experience engages all five senses — a beautiful palette of colors and textures, evocative lighting, tantalizing aromas, elaborate choreography of food preparation and service, and the spectacle of other diners savoring a meal and conversation.
This rich narrative depends on key back-of-house activities, from preparing and serving food to cleaning and maintaining the space. Bergmeyer understands both the practicalities and poetics of restaurant design. Through our Basis of Design process, we map your customer’s experience and align it with your objectives and success metrics. We define your brand story using words and images that clarify your project vision, validate your goals, and set a direction for design.

From quick-serve concepts to chef-owned fine dining environments, Bergmeyer crafts vivid and functional three-dimensional experiences that tell original stories. We delight in creating spaces where people congregate to strengthen social ties.
ruka restobar
the maiden
the maiden
peet's coffee & tea
new york stock exchange
cleveland museum of art
logan airport
restaurant pava
sony café
table 1280
virgin atlantic airways clubroom
umass - amherst: hampshire dining commons
university of massachusetts
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