We’re early adopters, having first utilized the tool back in 2002 for a multi-family housing project. Hundreds of BIM-powered projects later, we’re completely converted and able to leverage BIM on projects of all sizes and complexities to enhance outcomes for our clients.
As an in-house tool, BIM (Building Information Modeling) supports fluid communication and rapid knowledge transfer, enabling our designers to spend proportionally more time developing designs and less on background coordination. As an early stage visualization tool, BIM lets us invite our clients into design discussions. Increasingly, BIM facilitates tight communication with our sub-consultants and contractors, as we layer their models with ours to tease out inconsistencies and opportunities that would otherwise emerge much later in the design process, when adapting the design might be costly or impractical. The technology helps the team make informed decisions when they matter most, in the early stages of design. We continue to look for new and better ways to use this tool.
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