We begin our design process by asking questions and listening carefully.
We aim to tease out the explicit goals, intangible values, and unstated needs that factor into the project’s success.The answers to these questions form a Basis of Design — the team’s shared understanding of the project direction, goals, and success metrics. By aligning the owner, users, and design and construction teams around the project's overall goals, we develop a shared sense of responsibility for its successful outcome. This mutual understanding enables the design and implementation to unfold more efficiently and organically, resulting in compelling and memorable spaces and experiences.

We are adept and passionate collaborators who partner with clients to solve challenging problems and achieve specific goals with elegant design. We engage myriad perspectives through questions that fuel conversation and generate new ideas because an inclusive approach energizes the process and elevates the design outcome. We measure the success of our designs in their benefit to their primary users, as well as their value to the whole community and impact on the surrounding context. We use an organized and systematic process to synthesize diverse perspectives and complex needs into a singular solution. To us, a successful project transcends programmatic requirements. It conveys a central underlying concept that arises from the design team’s understanding of the challenges, original research, and creative inspiration. It balances beauty and originality with durability and functionality. Most importantly, it is a place where people want to be.
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